Biographical Information


John Hoeldtke served for well over two decades as a pastor in churches in the east coast, the mid-west, and the west coast of the United States. John and DeLores, his wife, met in college in Minneapolis, Minnesota. He had a student pastorate for part of the time he was in college and another when he was in seminary. He served as pastor of a church in New Britain, Connecticut, after seminary, while doing some graduate work at the same time; and then for fourteen years he was pastor of Olivet Baptist Church in Minneapolis, Minnesota. From 1979 to 1982 he served as pastor of First Baptist Church in Ephrata, WA, where his Sunday morning services and messages were broadcast live by radio over much of eastern Washington. Following that he became a home missions director and denominational district executive in the Baptist General Conference (now Converge), having oversight of churches in the Columbia district, a region encompassing the States of Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana and Alaska.

John has a reputation as a dynamic, insightful and stimulating speaker, and has spoken on college and seminary campuses and conducted evangelistic meetings, Bible conferences, retreats and seminars many places in the United States and Canada.

The Hoeldtkes who previously have resided in Everett, Washington, have now relocated to Jackson, Tennessee.

They have four grown children and six grandchildren. 

John has been President of FLAME MINISTRIES, an organization which he founded over 25 years ago, dedicated to proclaiming God's Word and God's Power and assisting pastors, churches and missionaries in evangelistic outreach and renewal. In addition to having special meetings in our own country, he has made a number of trips overseas. Some of the countries where he has ministered are Nigeria, the Ivory Coast, Ethiopia, France, Nepal and the Philippines. Several ministry trips have been made to India where he has preached in villages, schools and churches, presenting the gospel, teaching students and speaking at conferences for pastors and Christian leaders. On such trips he has worked in conjunction with national Christian leaders.

In more recent years, John has done a number of seminars and taught various series of lessons regarding Islam. People have often remarked that what he has presented has not only given them a better understanding of Muslim beliefs but has helped them to evaluate what is taking place in the world today.

John has also done special seminars regarding the Christian perspective on human government and the falseness of socialism.

Even though FLAME MINISTRIES was officially discontinued as an incorporated organization in March 2016, and John retired from that role, he continues his ministerial work in various ways.

He says he wants to be remembered as "a servant of the Word, a companion of the Spirit, and a lover of Jesus."