General Information

FLAME MINISTRIES is dedicated to assisting pastors, churches and missionaries in evangelistic outreach and renewal.  While in our ministry we conduct various kinds of meetings, workshops and seminars, our primary purpose is proclaiming the Word of God in such a way as to help people take the claims of Christ seriously.

FLAME MINISTRIES specializes in equiping local churches in evangelistic outreach into their own communities.

FLAME MINISTRIES provides 'tailor made' evangelistic meetings for churches which include plans, materials and other resources to help them in ongoing spiritual life and growth.

FLAME MINISTRIES helps network faithful, spiritually-gifted people in creative evangelistic, disciple-making endeavors.

FLAME MINISTRIES operates with the conviction that God, through His Holy Spirit, works in power today with profound effects in people's lives.

  Plans and operations are overseen by a board of directors.