Delilah's Barbershop

John and DeLores Hoeldtke's son, Dr. Nate Hoeldtke, is a medical doctor.  He is also an astute observer of affairs in our cultural and Christian surroundings.  He occasionally points up, and sometimes evaluates, information provided on the internet under the heading of "Delilah's Barbershop Clippings."

When someone once asked him if he cut hair in this barbershop, his response was:
  "No, I do not cut hair in this barbershop.  I just sweep up the clippings
  that Delilah leaves while she weakens those who should be men of God."

We are providing some of those "Delilah's Barbershop Clippings" here as PDFs.  The original sources of the articles are noted, but many of them may not be still found on the internet.

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